The Aindreas McEntee prize for 2014 was won by Pat Harrold for his short story “My Brilliant Career”.

The prize, for an original piece of writing is awarded in honour of the memory of the late Aindreas McEntee, former editor of Irish Medical Times, is supported by an educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim.

Dr Juliet Bressan, who judged the entries said:

“The reason I liked my brilliant career best is that it is clearly a work of fiction with character, story and arc.The characters have characteristics and the past is handled elegantly, with a seamless flashback that handles the passage of time and the backstory. The story has a plot point and a theme which is sophisticated and original enough to engage the reader, and is universally applicable without being cliched or trite

Second place went to Dr Mairin Doherty, third place to Dr Patrick Rowan and joint fourth place to Dr Michael Coughlan and Dr Jano Klimas.

We would like to thank all members who entered tbe competition. The 2015 Aindreas McEntee Prize will be open for entries later this year with the winner announced at the 2015 Spring Meeting next February.pat_harrolduld

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